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Import from Quia

Several of my colleagues and I all use as our homework and assessment website.  We all of our assignments in there as quizzes.  Is it possible to import them into Canvas?


Kris Mengarelli

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Highlighted​, according to this page, System Requirements for Respondus 4.0 :

Apple Macintosh users can run Respondus using Windows emulation software such as Microsoft's Virtual PC.

Thanks. We're contacting Respondus right now. I put in an "idea" in Canvas to expand Quiz imports to .csv or .txt file types. Maybe it will be an upgrade so we don't need 3rd party conversions.


I'm going to have to look into this. The extra step may be worth it. Once I test it out, I'll be sure to leave a note here!


I did this and got a .txt file which can't be imported into quiz. Is there another way?

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello! As promised, after a test-drive, I'm back with an update.

From Quia, .txt files are the only option when you export quizzes, and .csv files are only created when you export student results.

From Respondus, we can get a .qti file to import into Canvas.

We opened the .txt file, edited content in Microsoft Word and saved as a .doc. We had to reformat (for title, numbering, and answer options) for each question. There are teachers in our building that easily have 3,000-5,000 entries in Quia, and this process of moving questions from Quia to Respondus to Canvas would be as time consuming as rewriting the questions directly in Canvas.

I wish that I had better news! Has anyone else had luck??


Wow! So we haven't used Respond-us because 1) we just stared Canvas this August and no one thought about the Quia problem and 2) Respondus is a PC based system and we're only Mac.

From what you are saying, the conversion (Quia to Word (with editing) to Respondus to Canvas) is pretty intense. Am I reading that right?

Canvas needs to buy Quia and get the codeing...

Highlighted​, it would be pretty time-consuming. I think it's a fairly smart move on Quia's part though. If you can't export easily and migrate to another system, you need to maintain your subscription with them. Maybe the way to go is to contact Quia and inquire about creating an LTI/API...

Some of the teachers in my building like Quia's analytics and question bank features, and that's why they are holding out. As for me (an art teacher), I've moved all of my content over to Canvas with copy/paste and rebuild because I didn't have much to transfer over. To me, the time and effort was worth getting my quizzes in Canvas because I liked being able to assign and review within one place. I also like how the grades move over automatically.


Hey Kristin, I love running into you here!  Have you heard anything new on this topic? I haven't been able to crack this one yet either. Just checking to see if you have.



Hi! Good question. Nothing new to note, but I haven't tried during this academic year. However, with Priority: Quizzes.Next, I may behave motivation to try again and report back. It's definitely worth exploring.


Thanks Kristin!

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