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Import from commons with free teacher account?

Can i use a free teacher account and import a course from someone else?  I am trying to but keep getting an error message that sends me in circles and I cant import.


Please help.

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Community Team
Community Team Welcome to the Canvas Community!

It is indeed possible to import a course export package from another user into a Free For Teachers (FFT) account. However, the course quota for FFT accounts is 500MB, so if the course package you're attempting to import is larger than that, the import will fail.

Many users opt to import the course into a course shell provided by their school or district that has a larger storage quota; they then edit the course content to remove the most egregious data consumers (that's usually media files) to reduce its size.

You'll find more information about what is available in paid and free accounts respectively in the Canvas Account Comparisons PDF

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This is the third thread I've seen about this error happening with Canvas FFT recently.  The others make it sound like they don't even make it to the part where you can import to worry about the 500 MB limit.

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