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Imported apps have 'issues'

I have imported many, many apps from another course and, apparently, some have 'issues' - specifically...

The security parameters for the external tool ************ need to be set in Course Settings.

Does anyone know what that means and how I can resolve it? I don't think it is about keys/secrets as there are apps with this issue that do not require key/secret.

Advice gratefully received.

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Dr. Rimmer,

Most likely what you need to do is go into each app, and enter something (anything!) into the key and secret field. I suspect that will solve all your problems. I also think you should report this as a bug, so that others will be spared. Let us know what happens.


*about to search 'how to report a bug'*

Highlighted​, whenever someone tells you to report a bug, they are essentially recommending that you open a support case by submitting a ticket (click on the Help menu at the bottom right of your Canvas screen, and select the Report a Problem option). In addition, in this specific case, you might consider adding this specific feedback to the review section of the Commons course itself so that the author is aware of the difficulties you've encountered when you were trying to set up this course in your own Canvas instance.

Community Team
Community Team

Hello,! It's been about a month since we last heard from you, so I wonder if you would be willing to take a moment to update the thread on how, or if, you were able to resolve this issue. For now, I will mark this question as "Assumed Answered"; that will not prevent you or others from responding. If there is a workable solution posted here, please mark that answer as "Correct"--and if you arrived at a different solution, please take a moment to update the thread. Thanks!


Got totally swamped and have failed to tackle this... but I'm gonna!