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Importing Google Calendar into Canvas

My institution uses both Google and Canvas. I can import my course info into my google calendar but the canvas side is dependent on what the professor puts out there. My google calendar is where I put work hours, assignments, readings, dept meetings, etc, which I want to import into the Canvas calendar instead of incessantly cross-referencing.

The latest conversation I could find was from last year. Since COVID has forced everyone online, is there any more progress being made on this?  



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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi -- As far as I know, the Canvas and Google Calendar sync is only one-directional. You can add your Canvas items to Google, but not the other way.

While this isn't available now, it is a great opportunity to join a conversation about possible new features!

Import calendar from ICS file looks like it would meet your needs. Add to the comments and be sure to rate (star) it!

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