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Surveyor II

Importing QTI File

Hello there! Can somebody help me please?

I was able to successfully import a Canvas test bank QTI file (1.2) provided by the book publisher.

But the imported file does appear either in the Assignments (I tried New Quizzes) nor in the list of test banks of my Classic Quizzes.

Where did the file go?


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Hi @taniperalta 

If you imported the  QTI using the Import Course Content tool, you won't actually see a file.  The content will be imported and placed in a Test Bank. Did you tell it to create a new test bank or for the questions to go into an existing test bank?  Perhaps they were added to an existing test bank. 

See this guide,

Also, check the list of Current Jobs to see if the import actually happened and that it finished. Perhaps an error occurred and it didn't complete. (Click on the Import Course Content tool to see a list of jobs.)


Hello Lamplighter II.

Thanks for taking time to assist me in my concern.

Yes. I did both - creating a new test bank and not indicating a new test bank. Both yielded no results, i.e. the file did not appear on either of them.

And yes, the import was completed.

Most probably, the QTI file provided by the publisher has issues.

Thanks again.