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Importing a Course

So I made a boo-boo. I was intending to import a few modules from a different class, but I accidentally imported the whole class. So there were some assignments that imported that I do not want to have in this class. Unfortunately, I cannot undo the import and I cannot delete these unwanted assignments. The error I get when deleting the assignments is that these assignments are lock to another grading period. 


My questions are:

1. Does anyone have a work around for deleting assignments that were imported with due dates that have passed?

2. Do all imported courses keep the assignment due dates of the course you are importing from is still active?

3. Are there any creative solutions to get rid of these unwanted assignments?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

We don't use grading periods at my school so I'm mainly guessing here.  Have you tried editing the assignment's due dates to something inside the current grading period?  If it lets you do that I assume you would then be able to delete them.  2nd thing I would try is to see if your local admin can change the term of the course temporarily to something like "default term".  That should let you delete them and then the admin can switch the term back.  I sometimes have to that my school to add a teacher to an old course where the term has passed.


I am getting same issue while importing a course...

What can be the best method to avoid this ?
Thanks in advance 


Unfortunately, the areas of editing an assignment is all grayed out . You cannot change any dates, instructions, rename or anything within the assignment. At the top it says that this assignment is past its grading period. On a positive note, I was able to sort in my gradebook by grading period. While also filtering by date this allows me to not be distracted by the many assignments I imported that I don't need. However, when syncing grades to my districts database, I must uncheck those assignments from being synced every time.