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In a already published articulate in canvas the screen size to small

I have an articulate presentation in a canvas module and the screen size is to small. You have to scroll up and down to see the whole slide. It is in the module as a "presentation.html"

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It sounds like you've uploaded an HTML file to your course and a module. Canvas will do the best it can to display the contents of an HTML file with the space allowed in the module view of a file. Are you familiar with HTML or willing to learn? If so would we might be able to help you figure out how to adjust the HTML so it fits better inside Canvas. I hear laurakgibbs‌ has some HTML upload skills that might come in handy here.Smiley Happy

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Hi Jon, I'm glad to help if I can. I've been embedding different kinds of widgets in Canvas using iframe, which is clunky, but it does let you adjust some dimensions to eliminate scrolling. But I'm not sure if that applies here or not.

Could you maybe paste in the HTML code here so that we can take a look at it and maybe paste it into a Canvas module so that we can give it a try?

Or take a screenshot of the source code view of presentation.html so that we could take a look?

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Community Coach


It has been since the very beginning of January since you posted your question to the Canvas Community, and so I wanted to check in with you.  Have you had an opportunity to review the replies from both awilliams‌ and laurakgibbs‌?  It looks like they are seeking some additional information from you so that they can better assist you.  If you could, please come back to this posting and provide an update for us so that they (or other members of the Canvas Community) can continue to help you with your question.  I look forward to hearing from you soon, Jon!‌...

I am checking in with you again because we still have not heard from you since January 3, 2017.  I am hopeful that you've been able to find a resolution to your initial question by now.  However, if you're still looking for some help, please let us know.  If you did find a solution on your own, you could share it here, too, if you wanted.  For now, I'm going to mark your question as "Assumed Answered" because we haven't heard from you or have had any recent replies.  However, this won't prevent you or others from posting additional replies below.  I hope that's okay with you.  Looking forward to hearing from you, Jon.