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Surveyor II

Inactive Students Reply to Messages Bug?

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We have found that an inactive student can reply to an instructor's message in their inbox and it will not be delivered to the instructor and no notification will be sent to the student that the message was not received.

Do others find this to be the case and is there a possible fix for this issue?

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Confirmed,  @Nancy_Webb_CCSF  , and  @  mentioned an advantage that I failed to add in your other post that I commented on - we can still pull data on inactive students, and this can be a huge advantage.


Yes I saw that message about inactive students, and agree!  I prefer inactive status for the reason you mention, easy to see the student's grades etc.

BUT: I thought a concluded student couldn't send a message because I looked in the student's sent box and didn't see it there, same as with an inactive student.  However, the message did get sent, because when I logged in as the recipient it was there, only from the concluded student, not the inactive.  Very confusing to not see it in the SENT messages.  Just to add to the confusion.