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Inactive students still shows in Analytics/Statistics

Summary: Issue reported by instructor

One difficulty I am having with Canvas is that I cannot find a way to remove students who were previously enrolled in the course, but withdrew at the very beginning or partway through the course.

I'd like to be able to remove these students so that I can more easily manage the gradebook. When I look through the gradebook I see many blank entries and zeros for these students who have withdrawn. It makes management of the gradebook much more cumbersome, because I have to remember to always ignore those students while looking for blank grades or zeros to correct (I often have to make manual corrections to the gradebook).

The presence of these students also disrupts the statistics and analytics for the course. What's even more perplexing is that some withdrawn students still show up in analytics even though they are no longer in the class list under "people".

According to the help I have found online, I should be able to remove students from the list of students. But It would appear that even when a student no longer appears in "people" they are still counted in the analytics/statistics, thus disrupting the analytics/statistics.

In short, I would like to remove withdrawn and de-registered students from the gradebook, the list of people and the analytics pages.

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