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Insert videos in new RCE so they download when export course

In the old Rich Content Editor our county would upload videos (mp4 files) in the file uploader on the right. Doing this put the mp4 on the page as linked text (similar to what shows when you upload a pdf) and then when you saved the page there was also a video below the linked words. When you export the course for offline access the mp4 file was available for students to download and was listed in the exported files folder.

Now in the new Rich Content Editor, I can only get an mp4 file to upload using Insert > Media. This embeds the video on the page. Problem is when you export the course for offline access the mp4 file is no longer included.

Anyone know how to insert the mp4 file so that it exports the file?

I have also tried adding the video to files first and then inserting and they still are not included in course export.

This is how we have students export the course for offline access:

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