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Inserting a file

How do I insert a file?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @hames_jp ...

Could you provide a little bit more information?  What kind of file is this?  How do you want to use the file in your course?  Do you want it linked on a page in your course?  Do you want it as an item listed on your "Modules" page?  If you could please provide some more details, Canvas Community members can help you out.

Hi Judy Hames...

Based on this question and response by Chris from last summer I am going to assume that you figured out what was happening for your students with regard to announcements.  I'm going to go ahead and mark this question as assumed answered but if this is still an open question for you, please come back and tell us so. Marking the question as answered won't prevent other people from finding it or commenting but it will help us know which questions still need answers.