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Instructions for Instructors with Student Grades of Incomplete

Original Topic Title: Do you have instructions for Instructors who have students with a grade of incomplete?

We have recently started creating new sections in courses for students who have received a grade of incomplete, allowing them to access the course space when the other students can no longer access the space.

This creates a problem for some instructors who have to have assignments and quizzes which students in the new section still need to access.  We have created the instructions below:

For each assignment that the students still need to submit grades for, you will need to do the following:

  1. Go to Assignments in the left-hand navigation menu
  2. Click on the name of the assignment the students need to access
  3. At the top right of the assignment screen, click on the EDIT button
  4. Scroll to the bottom until you see the "Assign" box.
  5. In the first item, the Assign to area, Click on the X next to Everyone to delete it.


  1. A drop down menu should then automatically appear.  Select the Incomplete section from the menu.


  1. Next, eliminate or change the UNTIL date.

You can also change the due date if you want.  If you don’t change the due date, they can still submit, but SpeedGrader will note that they have submitted it late.

  1. Click on the blue SAVE button.

You will need to do this for every assignment you need them to continue to have access to.

Has anyone else created specific instructions such as this for instructors who must extend quizzes and/or assignments?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi seufertc​...

I don't really have an answer for you, but I wanted to let you know that I'm going to modify your subject line a bit and also tag your question with keywords so that it is easier for people to search for should they have a similar question.  If the revised subject line doesn't really reflect what you are asking, please let me know.  We can make any necessary corrections.  Hope this is ok with you.  Smiley Happy

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Thank you, Chris. This was my first post.

Community Coach
Community Coach

seufertc, what we've found is that as long as the original section(s) has already closed then the instructors can extend the assignment due dates out for everyone and the closed section won't have access, but the Incomplete section will have access. The only time you would need to use the differentiated due dates would be if both sections were open and had access to the course at the same time. Otherwise, the directions you wrote seems to be pretty straightforward for faculty to follow.

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Thank you, Kona. your response is very helpful.

Community Team
Community Team


I am going to change this topic from a question to a discussion.  You have created a great document that many people will find useful, and I'm sure they will continue to add their expertise!  Thank you for such a strong contribution to the the Community!

I have to credit my supervisor, davidson​ with creating the document.


Hello, question about these steps. Is this really necessary to do when handling incomplete grades? I was under the assumption that creating a new section would allow full access to all content and assignments for those in the "incomplete" section, while preventing any access to those in the original section that has been concluded based on term end date. Thank you!


 @shane_ohara ​, we do what you indicated above and it works fine for us. Faculty still have to go through and open things back up or extend deadlines, but otherwise it seems to work fine.

Lamplighter II

We do the same with incompletes but don't have any special instructions for faculty. While removing everyone will work just fine in this situation since the other section is concluded, I don't recommend telling faculty to do it this way. I would train them to use the add function rather than removing everyone. I will share a situation that happened this semester to show my reasoning. I had an instructor call me because he wanted to give a student extra time on a quiz. He had already moderated the quiz but the student couldn't see the quiz. I found out that the course was a collaboration and the other instructor had extended the due date on the quiz for some other students using the differentiated assignment option. The first instructor had removed everyone rather than using the add function. The quiz was only released to first instructor's students so none of the other students in the course could see this quiz. I prefer getting faculty in the habit of using the add function for changing due dates unless they are truly going to differentiate assignments for students.