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Instructor Enrollments

Can anyone explain how instructors are enrolled in a course?  At the course level?  In a section?  Why does it seem different in the CSV upload vs. manually entering in the course?  

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Our District enrolls each instructor at the section level through the CSV uploads. The manual process will also give you the option to enroll into a section. Every course has at least one section by default so if you enroll a teacher by course instead of section, they get put into that automatically generated section. I believe the section name will have the same name as the course in those instances. Also that section will not have an SIS-ID. I hope that helps clarify things!

Learner II

 @theresazeigler ‌,

We use the CSV process as well to upload our instructors.  This allows us to give them access to their courses right away.  I have noticed that when enrolling them manually through the course, the instructor is merely invited, and the enrollment is pending.  Instead, we prefer to give the instructor direct access to the course with a CSV file.  Additionally, I have found that the use of the API is also helpful for one-off or manual enrollments for the same reason.  It is quick, and it allows us to dictate a section, course, and status immediately.  


Also if you enroll manually and the person declines the invite, you have to resend it or they can't join the course.  Many of our campuses have a faculty course for their staff and often the principals have to resend invitations.

Surveyor II

 @theresazeigler ‌ if you have an itegration to the student information system, the SIS import is the way to go, as it allows the registrar to manage faculty enrollments, and re-assign faculty as courses get canceled or rescheduled.  In my opinion this is the easiest way to manage enrollments.

tross‌ makes a great point about registering faculty (or students) regarding invitations.  Before we completed our SIS integration, manual registration was a tedious process to manage and keep track of.

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @theresazeigler ‌ ~ It's been a few weeks since we've heard from you! How is your instructor enrollment coming along? Were any of the suggestions provided above helpful as you arrived at a solution? Please let us know how things are going! Smiley Happy

Since it's been a couple of months since there has been new activity on this thread, I'm going to mark this question as "Assumed Answered" but that will not prevent anyone from commenting or reopening the conversation.