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InstructureCon 2015... or BUST!

What are you looking forward to the most at InstructureCon 2015?  Jazz Hands?

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Who is interested in trading SWAG at InstructureCon 2015​? If you're into that kind of a thing, I have a very rare kennethware​ shirt (size M) from InstCon last year that I'm willing to trade for a cool t-shirt from another institution. I'm looking for size Medium or Large Smiley Happy

If you don't remember what the epic Kennethware shirt looks like, take a peek at the action pic from InstCon14 below:

"Hurry, Cap! Logan really wants to get his claws on #Kennethware 2.0 at #InstConBqa8mcCCcAAAd87.jpg

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Community Coach

Hey Salt Lake City people! Any recommendations for water parks or something similar in the Salt Lake area that are toddler friendly? We're flying in this Friday and it looks like the weather is going to be hot!!

Hey Kona,

There are water parks located about 20 minutes north and 20 minutes south of SLC on the 15.  I haven't been to either but the high school age kids all got to go to Lagoon in their last week of class. Discovery Gateway​ is fun on a Saturday.  There isn't much open on Sundays but if you were looking for a nice accessible hike you could drive up Big Cottonwood and walk around the alpine lake on the raised pathway that surrounds it.

We went to Discovery Gateway last year and really enjoyed it - it's also open on Sunday afternoons! I'll look more into the Lagoon! Thanks for the information!

 @scottdennis ​ recommendations are good. The Aquarium might be an option (The Living Planet Aquarium). Tracy Aviary may also be a fun. It's outdoors but may have enough shade to keep you cool ((Tracy Aviary)). Liberty Park, where it is located, is large enough to run around (Parks - Liberty Park | Salt Lake City - The Official City Government Website ). If Lagoon is too expensive, Cherry Hill is another option, though I haven't been there in years and can't vouch for quality. (Cherry Hill Water Park - Cherry Hill Water Park, Family Fun Center, and Camping Resort)

Thanks for all the recommendations! I'll check into these!

You may also want to check out Splash Pads Utah ​for some other free suggestions. In PC itself there are Park City : Aquatics at the MARC​ and Park City School District: Park City Schools Aquatic Center.​ Here is the link for Lagoon​.

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It is getting close! We will be arriving Monday afternoon.  Is there anything going on Monday night? 


If you are coming in Monday night, there are not any Instructure activities that I know of, but one of the things my family and I like to do every year, is take the short drive to to old-town Park City just 10 minutes up the road.

I don't know if you will have a car available (we always drive down from Washington State), but old town is cool, and old, has great food options, some over-priced but interesting shops, and other goodies.  @tjackson ​ provided a link to the public transportation which lots of attendees who fly in use.

If you head the opposite direction from old town on the same highway, you will find two strip malls just five minutes away, with theater and some limited entertainment - actually within walking distance if your lungs can handle 8,000+ feet of altitude (about i mile, maybe a tad more).

Also, the resorts are typically crawling with other early arrivals Monday night (nothing like opening day, but still quite a few), and its a great opportunity to network and make new friends.

As for me, after two straight days on the road, I just like to sit in my room and stare out the windows enjoying the views!

Hey  @hvaughn ​, in addition to the suggestions  @kmeeusen ​ offered, a canvasgeek​ thing to do would be to maybe arrange a tour of the Instructure offices via your CSM... 🙂