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Integrate Khan Academy into Canvas.

I would like to integrate the full function of Khan Academy in my Canvas. This would include their comprehensive practice, quizzes, and progression tracking tool. Has anybody in the Canvas community had experience with this, and what do you suggest?

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Community Team
Community Team

 @ckinna ​, as your question prompt invites an ongoing discussion about using Khan Academy, with no single reply likely to wind up being the "correct answer," I've changed the format of your post to a discussion.

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We are looking for the same capabilities. It would be nice to hear from Instructure's partnership staff to find out if this is in the planning.  It must have come up prior to this.

Adventurer II

We have what many consider a 'full' integration with various textbook publisher sites.  Depending on the approach taken, at the end of the day you may end up with Canvas as the front end and container for what amounts to sets of links pointing to the textbook publishers portal.  The 'integration' is more or less a linkage of the grade book.  Publishers are very motivated to create this online content that is linked to the sale of textbook bundles. 

As for Khan Academy I thought best to point out the LTI tool, which enables quick searching and basically embedding of code to view various items such as videos.  I am unsure what would be the motivator to develop an integration of this free content.  But I am curious if anyone has created full math courses using Khan and shared in Canvas Commons.

Canvas Khan Academy LTI tool - YouTube

2-8-2016 1-57-03 PM.jpg



I work with an organization that is training post-bacc fellows to take their MCATs, and we're using Canvas to organize their study plans. It would be incredibly useful to the instructors and the students to have the full integration with Khan in this situation. 

I have other courses that I'm helping to design that will also find this beneficial. What would a potential timeline for development look like?


I like the idea of adding Khan Academy into Canvas, but I wonder if there's clarity on what exactly that integration looks like. For example, we can already link to Khan Academy on Canvas fairly easily. Are we looking to add Khan Academy progress to the Gradebook? This could cause a bit of turmoil, as Khan Academy progress wouldn't be tied to a school account. 

Linking to KA seems like an excellent idea, and I think we could work on expanding ways to make that easier or create awareness- what further integration is being discussed here? 


If Khan Academy could be used in Canvas similar to how EdPuzzle can be used, that would be ideal. With EdPuzzle, students don't need to create a new account to use it within Canvas, instructors can assign it using the 'External Tool' option when creating an assignment, and their individual work and scores are stored in Canvas. Khan Academy being integrated in the same way for exercises and practice (not just videos as it is currently) would be perfect! I understand the argument that there isn't much of an incentive to do this for a product that is available for free, but with so many instructors utilizing Khan Academy, it seems that it makes sense for Canvas to be able to say that their LMS integrates fully with Khan Academy. 

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Please work with Khan Academy to be able to add all features not just videos. 

I absolutely agree. We should be able to assign work in Khan Academy through Canvas and have the it automatically graded. There is no way that I can create the interactive content that Khan Academy has! Why can't we do this?

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Two big things would be especially useful:

  • Students and teachers would only have to manage one assignment posting venue
  • Integrating the Khan Exercise and Quiz Scores directly into the Canvas Gradebook would save teachers countless hours of migrating data manually and students would have their grades instantly updated when complete