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Interpreting timestamp on quiz

I'm trying to find out what time a student started and submitted a quiz. I live in EST.

Question 1: When I get to the "Session Information" page for this student's quiz it says "Started at Wed Sep 04 2019 22:29:22 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)". Am I correct that this student started the quiz at 18:29:22 EST (which is 22:29:22 minus 0400, which is 6:29 pm)?

Question 2: She completed the quiz in 21:36 minutes, so the submitted time should be 22:29:22 + 0:21:36, which should be 22:50:58 UTC. Yet, when I download the Excel file for the quiz, in the "submitted" column for this student it reads "2019-09-05 2:52:53 UTC". What's going on here? Isn't GMT the same as UTC? What time was this quiz submitted? On the right side of the Canvas page it says it was submitted on "Sept 4 at 10:52 PM." I'm confused as to why all these times don't align.

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