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Is Question Bank Overhall Scheduled?

How will the question bank and live quiz integration change? This is one of the most frustrating features of Classic Quizzes.

  1. The bank is hidden and not obvious
  2. When creating questions in a quiz you are not given the option to add them to a bank so professor may not even know this exists. The automatic filing of unsorted questions is confusing and makes it impossible to set up banks later when you learn about them or want to do more customizing of question groups
  3. When you make a change to a question in the live quiz (or on the flip side in the bank) it does not update in the other location. You have to delete and add again.

I really really dislike this feature in Classic Quizzes and I am sure other might feel the same. This section needs some serious reworking and thoughtfulness for how it actually plays out in real life and how faculty are most likely to use it.

Thanks for considering.


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