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Is it possible to create this type of exam in the canvas?

I'm currently doing an exam in canvas. 

Just want to ask, Is it possible to create this type of exam in the canvas:

1. Right minus 1/4 wrong. No answer = no minus points but if you answer it wrong minus 1/4 points.

2. Can do random question exams to each students?

3. I have 200 questions but I want to just get 40 random questions each students from the 200 questionnaires.

Hope you can help me on this. If this is not possible, you can also give me your recommendations. Thank you in advance.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi Roden,

For the answer to your second and third questions please see 

Hi Scott,

Thank I will test it. 

How about  number 1 question? Is it possible in canvas?



Regarding item 1: You can do this with multiple choice questions with New Quizzes. You'll need to use the Vary Points by Answer option. How do I create a Multiple Choice question in New Quizzes?  

You will need to do this for every question, there is no quiz-wide setting to do it.

This is not possible with Legacy Quizzes.

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Thanks James.

Another question, does the NEW QUIZZES already available in the Free canvas platform?

actually I can't see this BUILD assessment portion in the free canvas site when I'm creating a quiz. Would you know why? and how i can access it

351384_pastedImage_1.pngThanks in advance

New Quizzes is not yet available in the Canvas Free for Teachers edition. Items 2 and 3 can be done with Legacy Quizzes, but item 1 cannot be done.

In Legacy Quizzes, the point value is determined by the points within the quiz, but the answers are either right (full points) or wrong (0 points). You could accomplish item 1 by going through and manually adjusting the fudge points on the quiz after it has been taken. This is going to be difficult to do automatically since there is no easy way to distinguish a non-answer 0 points from a wrong answer 0 points. You could use the student analysis under Quiz Statistics to see whether a student answered or not.

There is another way to accomplish this, again not automatically, if you are using weighted assignment groups. Create an assignment group worth 0% of the grade and put the original quiz in there. In the place where the quiz would have gone, create a fake assignment with no submission for the type. Then go through and calculate the scores for the quiz and put them into the fake assignment after they have been adjusted.