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Is it possible to get push notifications of due dates exactly 24 hours from when they're due?

I had an instructor give us an assignment due at 7:30 in the morning and we've never had anything due that early in the morning. It was my fault to assume the assignment was due at the regular time most assignments are due but I think it might be nice to have a way to get notifications of each individual assignment 24 hours from when they're due. Because honestly, I'm on top of my assignments every time and I attend my lectures but every now and then it's nice to have little reminders when the instructor throws a curveball. Thanks!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @bel11009 , greetings! Canvas has been working on this type of “nudge,” but this feature is not currently available in Canvas. Could you possibly sync the Canvas Calendar (with due dates) to a Google Calendar and then use the Google calendar to send you reminders?

How do I subscribe to the Calendar feed using Google Calendar as a student? 

Or, do this with Outlook? 

Hope this helps! Kona

Explorer III

Hi  @bel11009 

There is no such notification in particular in current Canvas. This could be one major future enhancement for Canvas.

It is however always an option to announce in Canvas Course to inform students.

Calendar sync is always an option though.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you for your prompt replies! I synced my Canvas calendar with both Outlook and Google but was unable to edit the events to add reminders/alarms. It seems the event details are locked when synced with other calendars. 

I have an Android phone and used the "To Do" widget for the Canvas app. The screenshot of this widget is the image below. This seems like the best alternative at this point as it does show the date and time of when the assignment/quiz is due. Thank your developers for creating this tool. Again, thank you for your responses!307225_Screenshot_20190224-223914.png

Hi  @bel11009 

Have you tried settings the notification of the calendar.

Below are the two screenshots that might help you setting the notification. Try using the event notification and set time for time time prior you want to be notified.


Please let us know how this goes.

Hope this helps.


Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi! This feature may be of interest to you: 

Feel free to vote and comment! :smileygrin:

Surveyor II

Was this "nuge" reminder feature shelved or is there any upcoming new features that will suffice?

We have use cases where we are using Notifications to manually remind students X amount of weeks before large assignments are due. These are grad students so their due dates aren't AS rigid as undergraduate classes.

In summary we would like to be able to remind students of two things:

  1. We want to be able to do away with this manual reminder system and setup reminders build into any assignment where we can specify the reminder to go out X amount of weeks/months/days/hours ahead of due date. We make this work currently by setting up the assignments and using announcements manually set specific amount of time ahead of it with a link to the assignment object in the announcement. 
  2. We REALLY need reminders of assignments that are overdue. Even if it was a new notification preference type we could ask the students to set. We would like them to be reminded daily or weekly when they have an un-submitted assignment that is overdue