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Is it possible to import a Canvas quiz into Word?

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I have a fairly long quiz with 75 questions, many of which have multiple answer options. I need to repurpose it as a hard copy instrument. Can I do that easily from where it is in Canvas Quizzes without copying and pasting everything into a Word document?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

From your browser, do you have the option to print to PDF? Sometimes that’s the easiest way to get a “hard copy” from a Canvas Quiz.

There are several discussions in the Community about printing quizzes. If you’re interested in learning more, just reply and we’ll share those as well.

I'd love to know what is out there to assist with transferring Canvas quizzes into a hard copy (Word or Google Doc, or even CSV file).



Sadly, there is not an easy way to move a quiz in Canvas to a Word or another document actually. This is actually a very popular idea in the community right now: You may want to take a look there and add your vote.

It does look like one community member may have found a workaround for now as well. 

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