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Is it possible to import quiz questions with feedback for each response using Respondus?

I am working with someone who has quiz questions with feedback for each possible multiple choice response.  These materials are currently in a Word format, and I'd like to import them into Canvas using Respondus.  To attempt to do so, I formatted the question like this:

  1. Answer the sample question correctly.

*a) Correct

@ this is the correct answer

b) Wrong

@ this is the wrong answer

c) Maybe

@ this is not correct- it’s possible

This went into Respondus beautifully, and it seemed happy.  When I imported it as a QTI file into Canvas, this is what I got:

Image showing the correct and incorrect feedback are not properly assigned to the answers as originally written in the question.

The question took the first feedback as the correct answer and the last answer as the wrong answer comment.

Is there any way to format or otherwise work with the materials to allow the input of content with feedback per question response?

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Community Coach
Community Coach‌, I'm not sure of the answer to this question, but I'm sharing this with our College's Respondus Goddess -‌ - to see if she can help!

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Kona knows I love a challenge. 😉

The first thing I did was check the Respondus User Guide to make sure how feedback was to be formatted correctly. That manual is my "Bible" and I constantly refer to it, because Respondus can be quite fussy!

Then I set up a question in a Word document and formatted it with feedback options:


I notice mine looks a bit different from yours - - your "b" and "c" answer options have a "1." in front of them and mine do not. I'm wondering if Respondus is reading those differently? Respondus normally reads numbers as questions and letters followed by a period or a right parentheses as answer choices. Could the number in front of the answer choices be throwing things off?

Once I got the question published into Canvas, I went to the quiz and clicked on Edit, then also chose to edit the question and saw that it was set up like this:


All the feedback seemed to be where it was supposed to be. But just to make sure, I decided to test it out. I made a short video showing the results when I previewed the test: Feedback preview.

I hope this helps! If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Also, if you don't have a copy of the Respondus User Guide, it can be found here: Respondus 4.0 Guides . There is a LOT of good information there!

Great work checking this Nice Work


Community Coach
Community Coach

Agreed, great work! This is why you get the Respondus crown and the cape in our office!!

Thank you!‌,

In the original, it didn't have the numbers.  Apparently, the forums auto-added the 1's in front.  I used parentheses rather than periods after the letter choices, but otherwise, my input was identical.  I'll correct how it's shown in my question (if I can).

How did you process the question through Respondus?  Did you output it as a QTI file then import it into Canvas?

No, I import the questions into Respondus and then use the "Publish" feature to publish it directly into Canvas. You can publish as either a quiz or a question bank..

I made a short video showing you what I do: Publish direct to Canvas

Hope this helps! Smiley Happy

Previously, I've struggled to publish directly with our set-up due to the authentication process, but I'll see if I can get it to work this time.  I used to use that approach, and it would be nice to do it again.