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Is it possible to import quiz questions with feedback for each response using Respondus?

I am working with someone who has quiz questions with feedback for each possible multiple choice response.  These materials are currently in a Word format, and I'd like to import them into Canvas using Respondus.  To attempt to do so, I formatted the question like this:

  1. Answer the sample question correctly.

*a) Correct

@ this is the correct answer

b) Wrong

@ this is the wrong answer

c) Maybe

@ this is not correct- it’s possible

This went into Respondus beautifully, and it seemed happy.  When I imported it as a QTI file into Canvas, this is what I got:

Image showing the correct and incorrect feedback are not properly assigned to the answers as originally written in the question.

The question took the first feedback as the correct answer and the last answer as the wrong answer comment.

Is there any way to format or otherwise work with the materials to allow the input of content with feedback per question response?

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I think we had some issues with that at first, but we were able to get it straightened out. It works pretty well now. The only issue I have with it (and it's a MAJOR issue to me) is that images don't publish with the questions into Canvas and must be added manually afterward. That is a HUGE headache that I wish would be taken care of. I have fought for that for a long time, but no luck so far.  :smileyconfused:  Otherwise, the publish feature works well.

Good luck! I hope it works for you!

Oh, that's a deal breaker.  It would take more time to embed all the images than it would to add all the feedback manually.  The QTI import brings all the images in where they need to be.

Last week I tried using Respondus again to create a QTI export file and import it into Canvas, and actually got it to work this time! The images actually came into Canvas the way they should.(But I'm still keeping a close eye on them. I just don't trust it. 🙂 )

I will make a short video this morning and show you what I did - - when I can. Right now I'm having some recording issues (no sound) and have Tech Services on the way to check out the problem. I'll post again when  the problem is resolved.

Elizabeth, When you share, would you be able to tell me if those images had alt tags?   I have been able to get images to come over if they don't have the alt tags.  But when they do have the alt tags they won't come over into the quiz.

I checked my document file, and am not seeing any alt tags for the images.

Tara, I finally got my sound issue fixed and got the video made! Turned out to be a Windows 10 issue - - ah, technology. 🙂

Here is the video link for how I use Respondus to put tests with images into Canvas: Video

I hope this helps!

I do this all the time using QTI, and I think this video will be helpful to others who are new to it.  Unfortunately, what I want to do is upload questions with both images and feedback for each possible response.  It sounds like those two things are mutually exclusive. :smileycry:

I just tried the process again, but this time had feedback formatted with the questions. It imported successfully. I tried both General feedback and Incorrect Answer feedback and they both came through.

Here is a little video (I'm having a great time now that they got my sound working again!!): Feedback video

Hope this helps!

This is almost what I need.  I'm not looking for general feedback (the correct or incorrect at the bottom of the Quiz question), I'm looking for feedback per response, since the feedback is different depending on which wrong answer is selected. If you see below, I've noted where I want the feedback to show up (versus the auto-import into the general correct and wrong answer comment area):

Image showing the correct and incorrect feedback are not properly assigned to the answers as originally written in the question, with details of where the feedback should be.

Now that I'm not sure. That's how it comes through with Respondus, but I haven't seen it come through that way with a QTI import. Maybe ask Canvas Support about this? Someone there may have an answer.

Sorry the information I gave you wasn't what you need. Tried my best....... but things get tricky with quizzes and question banks. Hopefully the quiz modifications help straighten these kinds of things out.