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Is it possible to import quiz questions with feedback for each response using Respondus?

I am working with someone who has quiz questions with feedback for each possible multiple choice response.  These materials are currently in a Word format, and I'd like to import them into Canvas using Respondus.  To attempt to do so, I formatted the question like this:

  1. Answer the sample question correctly.

*a) Correct

@ this is the correct answer

b) Wrong

@ this is the wrong answer

c) Maybe

@ this is not correct- it’s possible

This went into Respondus beautifully, and it seemed happy.  When I imported it as a QTI file into Canvas, this is what I got:

Image showing the correct and incorrect feedback are not properly assigned to the answers as originally written in the question.

The question took the first feedback as the correct answer and the last answer as the wrong answer comment.

Is there any way to format or otherwise work with the materials to allow the input of content with feedback per question response?

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Tara, I did some more testing - - here's another video: Another Test

Thank you - although I really wish I'd been wrong on this one!  That's essentially the same testing process I went through on my questions.  I'm going to try setting up a direct connection and see if I can get it to work that way, with image.  I'm not quitting yet!


I may be totally "off" in this, but it seems to me that the process you've outlined to get images to upload into questions takes a few more steps that what is necessary.  In my own testing today, I was able to upload a quiz via Respondus that had an image and also had many feedback options.  I tested this with both a standard text file (using Notepad) and also a RTF file (using Wordpad).  My reason for using those two instead of MS Word is here: Batch Uploading Quiz Questions with Respondus‌.  Here's a sample question (the bold text is my own and should not be included in the file):

Title: Muppets    (this line is optional)
1) Which Muppet is pictured here? [img: "Kermit.jpg" "Kermit"]     (The second "Kermit" is supposed to be for the alt text for the image, but it didn't transfer over in my testing from Respondus to Canvas.)
~ Yes, this is Kermit.       (The "~" indicates a correct response in general feedback.)
@ No, this is not Kermit.  Kermit is green in color.  You picked a Muppet who isn't green.     (The "@" is for any wrong answer.)
a. Gonzo
@ This is not Kermit.  This is his weirdo friend, Gonzo.
*b. Fozzie
@ This isn't Kermit.  This is his bear friend, Fozzie.
c. Kermit
@ Yes, this is Kermit the Frog.
d. Miss Piggy
@ No.  This is Miss Piggy.

Once I saved the text/RTF file, I created a folder on my computer to store the image of it the same name as shown in the question, Kermit.jpg.  Next, I launched the Respondus software and chose Import Questions.  Next, I selected either Plain Text (for the text file) or Rich Text (for the RTF file) depending on the file I was using.  I chose my file, and then also selected the folder where the image was stored.  After confirming the rest of the settings, the question and image imported into the course as intended.

From the student perspective:

Muppets Quiz 1

From the instructor perspective:

Muppet Quiz 2

Now we need to look at where the image of Kermit was actually stored.  So, I went to my course "Files", and I saw a new folder there called "Quiz Files".  Inside that folder, there was another folder, "qti_import_NNNNN" where "NNNNN" is a five digit number (not sure how the number is generated/determined).  The folder is also automatically set to "Hidden. Available with a link."  In this folder is my JPG of Kermit.

So, in summary, inserting an image into the question is possible using this method vs. having to export/import.  You just need to know where you want to put the image within your question.  And, you still might need to move the image around after you've loaded the quiz into case it doesn't look exactly like you'd want it.

I hope this information is of help.

This is fine for importing responses specific to each answer choice. But I want to import GENERAL response for the whole question, regardless of right or wrong.

Even the help documents for Respondus uses "general response" incorrectly, in my opinion. Help documentation clearly indicates using ~ for response to a correct answer, and @ for response to any wrong answer.
One way around this is to put in the exact same text for correct answer and wrong answer.

Current import format:

1. What percentage of the total volume of an idealized soil do we like to see filled with water?
~ This question tested your understanding of objective 1. 
a. 16%
b. 24%
*c. 33%
d. 50%
e. 66%

Work-around import format to give learners the SAME RESPONSE, regardless of answer choice:

1. What percentage of the total volume of an idealized soil do we like to see filled with water?
~ This question tested your understanding of objective 1. 
@ This question tested your understanding of objective 1. 

a. 16%
b. 24%
*c. 33%
d. 50%
e. 66%

Is there a better solution? Is there a secret character code for importing really general "general" feedback?

Community Coach
Community Coach

I'm not sure how many of you have seen this, but I thought that I would share a link to a blog I wrote a while back on located in the‌ area of the Community.

I use the Respondus 4.0 User Guide a lot when  working with quizzes and question banks.It's basically my "Bible" and in fact is sitting open on my desk right now! 🙂

I refer to that pretty often, too!