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Is it possible to rearrange the order of rubrics?

Is it possible to rearrange the order of how rubrics are listed on the Course Rubrics page? I would like them to be in the order of when they are used?



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This is not currently possible without some additional programming that would run in your browser to find out where the rubrics are used and then fetch the due date (or available date -- your call) for each assignment, then pick the relevant date to use for those rubrics that are used in more than one location, and finally sort the rubrics by the proper order. This will cause your rubric page to noticeably change a few seconds after it initially displays. It will take that long while you wait for all of that information needed is fetched. That will take one API call for each rubric and then one API call for each assignment. Alternatively you could use the Assignment Group API to fetch the list of all assignments, but this normally takes a few seconds (it took my sandbox course over 3 seconds).

Here is one thing that you can do if you need them in the order that they are used. You can rename them so that the names alphabetically correspond to the order they are used. I'm not sure that you want that though -- hidden in your question may be an implied "I want the most recent one at the top" although what you asked made it seem like you want the ones used first in the semester at the top and the ones used last in the semester at the bottom (or vice versa).

Can I ask why you want to do this? The course rubrics page is mostly for creating rubrics. Rarely should you need to go to that page after they are created and so the notion of "when used" doesn't factor in as much as say the quiz or assignment pages.

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Not the OP - I came in search of a different customization that I don't think is available - but ultimately it has to do with workflow and user experience. You say that "rarely should you need to go to that page after they are created"- which might be true in most use cases, so it wasn't a functionality built in to the system.

My issue is I want to create a rubric that does not require a title on each of the ratings for a given criteria. I already have the criteria titled, and based on how I design rubrics, I don't title each rating - I use the "rating description" for that. But since I don't add a title to each rating, it displays "no description" despite a description appearing immediately below.


Why does the interface require a title? Why can't I simply insert a space to make it appear visually blank? Just the way it was designed I suppose.

But when a user (a teacher) is asking how they might use the system in a way that best fits their teaching style, it's a bit dismaying for the response to be "why would you want to do that?" rather than "sounds like a use case we hadn't considered or designed for" Do you know what I mean?