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Is it possible to rename the "modules" category in canvas?

I don't mean renaming a module. I mean, renaming what Canvas thinks are "modules". A module at university usually is a course, or a subject. In Canvas it has a different meaning, more akin to "course sections".

Is it possible to rename this element to "course sections" for example, instead of modules?

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi @URSL_Fontys,

According to How do I manage Course Navigation links?, "Canvas includes a set of default Course Navigation links that are shown by default and cannot be renamed." The Modules link is one of those default links. 

We do have a feature idea that suggests adding functionality to change default course navigation links in Canvas (Customizing the Course Navigation Menu), if you'd like to support it you can kudo it and/or add a comment. (That might also be a good place to see what others do as a workaround.)


Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @URSL_Fontys ...

In addition to the information you received from @Naomi ... there are also some other things you may want to consider.  When you say that you'd like to possible rename "Modules", I assume that you are referring to the "Modules" course navigation button in a Canvas course, correct?  If you are a local Canvas administrator for your school's Canvas environment, you may be able to change this via your custom global JavaScript or CSS file.  But, keep in mind that this would be a global change that would affect your school's entire Canvas environment...not just one or two courses.  You may have instructors at your school, however, that prefer to keep the name "Modules" in their course...and so changing it to something else might not be something that is wanted by everyone.  In addition, if you were to make a change like this for everyone, then the terminology of "Course Sections" instead of "Modules" be confusing for your instructors when they are looking for documentation here in the Community website about "Modules".  Canvas already has components of a course called "Sections", using your own custom name of "Course Sections" may further complicate things.

At our Technical College....  every course has its own course shell.  Courses are not created at a "module" level.  The "modules" within our course are like units or chapters in a course.  We call them "Learning Plans".  Each "Learning Plan" (module) in a course has various content that is related to the topic of the "Learning Plan" (module).  That way, instructors can organize their content for that "Learning Plan" (module) in a structured way for students to go through each piece of content and eventually get to the graded work for the "Learning Plan".

I hope this will be of some help to you.  Sing out if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take well.

Adventurer III


This won't necessarily solve your problem 100%, but you can hide the current module navigation link and create the link the way you want it named using the Redirect LTI - I have done this with syllabus so that my syllabus navigation link goes to a syllabus file (pdf).  The only problem with this method is the breadcrumb still shows module in it and not the name of what you created..  so instead of seeing course name > MyNewModuleLink students would see course name > Modules in the breadcrumb