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Is the Google LTI Down?

Getting HTTP ERROR 503 on 

Getting a generic error within the LTI tool in a course that was working fine just an hour ago.

Don't think I'm doing anything wrong, is it working for anyone else now?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

It's taking a bit longer to load than normal, but I got my Google Drive stuff to open up my course. What are you trying to do?

I'm just trying to get my list of Google Drive to load.

217813_Google Drive.PNG

Does  where you get tokens work?

Community Coach
Community Coach

Yes, that's working for me.


The getting key part is back for me. But the tool still isn't playing ball. Weird.

Learner II

Has stopped working for us as well.

Seems to be back now for me. Can you check again?

I am back too.  I always check the Canvas Status page first but small outages aren't usually on the page.