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Is there a Canvas community page that works through Fill In The Blank examples

As a Canvas admin/technologist, I found this Canvas step by step, that briefly defines the choices for an answer key for New Quizzes fill in the ..., but noticed it misses a full example where first-time users could visualize the differences among options [in the guide picture numbered 1-5, inclusive of contains, exact, close enough, etc]. I suggest that a walkthrough with examples might be beneficial for first-time users. Does anyone know of a link with examples within the Canvas community that I might have overlooked?

To me, it seems that contains catches any variation of the response (if I would have a correct answer of day, then anything containing those letters could count, even if it was options like Tuesday that might not make sense or be what the question was asking but still help with cases like someone uses the singular versus the plural form), exact is that it has to match completely (inclusive of capitalization), etc.

The nuanced distinctions have implications if faculty would select more broadly/inclusively of responses than was intended, especially if it's an open answer rather than the other options. Showing what an open answer exact, an open answer containing, etc. could be useful.


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