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Is there a size limit for file uploads for assignments?

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I know that there are defined quotas per course and per user, but is there a limit on the file size for file uploads to an assignment? Students are having trouble uploading zip folders. We've given our students up to 2 GB for their file storage, so I don't think that's the problem.



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Hi Erin, 

Would you post the link to the documentation relating to files quotas?



 @kmeeusen  -- I have received some questions from our instructors who are running into limits.  Could you please check to see if the following is accurate?  The documentation seems a bit foggy to me.

Course limit: 500MB (set by institution)

This includes:

  • Files uploaded to Course Files in Files (images, documents, etc.)
  • Videos created within the course (using the Canvas tool)
  • Assignment submissions from students or uploaded by instructors (if the instructor uploads a file in response to a student submission) (NOTE that TII also has an individual limit on papers of 20MB or 400pages)
  • Course pages, discussions, assignments, quizzes  built in Canvas
  • Course images

This DOES NOT include:

  • Kaltura videos
  • VoiceThreads

Hi, Nancy,

All files uploaded into a course count against the course quota. Students cannot contribute to course files, so their assignment submissions are not a factor (submissions don't apply to any quota). Pages, discussions, assignments, and quizzes only factor into the course quota if you were to upload any files as part of that content, such as attaching a file to a non-graded discussion or uploading a media file that is displayed in a page. Files added through another source (such as Kaltura) as well as new media created in the Canvas media tool are a good way to go if you want to include content that is significantly large or where you don't want to take up any of the course quota (though media created in the Canvas media tool cannot be accessed for reuse). You can check your course quota at any time in Course Statistics: How do I view Course Statistics? 

Hope that helps!


When Erin Hallmark wrote "attaching a file to a non-graded discussion", I said aha!, let's make it a graded discussion forum, but it didn't help -- still had that 500 MB upload limit!!

In our online Speech course, students submit 5-min recorded speeches for several assignments.  No problems with files size when submitting as an Assignment, as pointed out by many.  But many students want to share their videos with others in the class and we're looking for options. 

When I looked at setting up Groups and/or Peer Grading, it seemed waaay too complicated for this use case.

I am thinking the YouTube approach, strictly voluntary and up to them to make it unlisted, is best for now.  At least until we have an enterprise answer that can accommodate this. 

Other suggestions and ideas very welcome!  Especially if there is a clever way to facilitate within Canvas.

 @nancy_lachance ‌ - just a quick correction, Tii have a 40MB file size limit.  Not a drastic change I know - but in the realms of MB - significant enough 😉

EDIT: Tii's file limit is now 100MB

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Hi - could I clarify on file size limit for uploading to assignments? We have been given quite a bit of contradictory advice over the last year!

Our last definitive answer about 6 months ago was that there was no file size limit for uploads to assignments (although I have seen this documented as 2GB elsewhere), unless using the media recorder when it is limited to 500MB, and that these do not count towards individual user or course limits.

However we have been told today that there is a 500MB limit on assignment uploads, which would be very problematic for us. 

Can anyone share their current understanding? Thank you! 


Also, does anyone know anything about any size limitations for files submitted to a Canvas portfolio? Would this be equivalent to submitting an assignment?

I believe the portfolio is based entirely on the user storage quotas.  So the file can be as big as that.