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Is there a size limit to images in a quiz question?

One of our instructors added a JPG image to a quiz that shows as a thumbnail in the question preview, but from a student view is only a link to the file name and must be opened in a new window or downloaded. This defeats the purpose of having an image embedded in a quiz question.

The original uploaded image is 3264x2448. I've tried resizing it to something reasonable using image properties, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I haven't had this problem with bringing in large images and resizing in other places that use the Rich Content Editor. Is this specific to quizzes?

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Community Team
Community Team

annette.torrey​, I've used many images in my Canvas quizzes for many many years, but I've never run across this. Have you tried resizing the image (for example, in SnagIt Editor or other image editing software) before inserting it into the quiz question through the RCE?

We've done a little more testing and it seems to be a display issue in Student View, not necessarily for a live student. But our faculty rely on student view for testing stuff.

We don't do image editing for our faculty making quizzes; we just give them the guidelines they need to follow. If there are limitations, we want to be able to share them.

Ah, thanks, annette.torrey, I interpreted your question to mean that you were editing the quiz on behalf of the instructor; perhaps when you stated "I've tried resizing it..." you were quoting the instructor...?

Are there two separate questions inherent here, namely (1) Is there a size limit on the image uploads the Canvas RCE can handle, and (2) does that size limit somehow circumvent or override resizing the image in the RCE?

If you've discovered that something behaves differently with images of a particular size in student view of a quiz than it does to actual students that would be great information to share. That could be the symptoms of a bug.

Community Coach
Community Coach

annette.torrey​, were you every able to resolve this issue? Any updates?