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Is there a way of pinning discussion replies so they appear at the top? I would like my reply to be the first reply students see after the original post.

I would like to pin my post to a discussion after some students have already posted - I want mine to be the first response for the week.  I read here about setting up the like and changed my settings so that I allowed like and only I can like and also the sorting feature but that did not enable me to have my reply be first - I am wondering what I did wrong? I am wondering if it is something you do before the DQ is created?

How do I like a reply in a course discussion as an instructor? 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @laura_weltman  Welcome to the Canvas Community (a few days late).  Thanks for posting your question.  My first thought was, "no", but then I searched the Community to see if I could find any other similar questions, and I found this one: Pinning discussion replies.  Check out the work-around that has been suggested to see if it might meet your needs.  I hope this will be of help to you, Laura.