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Is there a way to have Canvas read the test to students?

I need to be able to accommodate students that struggle with reading, instead of just pulling another student or myself to read the test out loud. Most of my classes have several students that need the test read out loud, but they go at different paces, which makes it hard for me to read it for them. Plus I need to be wandering around and answering questions and monitoring the tests. Does anyone know of a good way to do this? Is it possible?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi tlanderson 

Canvas does not include a Text-to-Speech feature, but there are third-party tools that can do this, and most major browsers of plugin that can support this.

I am sure there are more, I just got tired of looking:-)

Good luck, and I hope this helps,


Community Coach
Community Coach

Great question tlanderson

Added to  @kmeeusen 's list is a Chrome extension called Speak It. I've seen little wee kids using it so well. 

Speak It - Chrome Web Store  

Immersive readers are worth using also.  

 @isobel_williams ‌ will know more than me about this!

Sing out if you need a hand.

I was always wondering how to add Immersive Readers to Canvas.  @GideonWilliams  has recommended   Microsoft Immersive Reader also. But our district doesn't use it. So, I can use the "Speak It" extension for sure!

Thank you for the solution.