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Is there a way to "toss out" questions on a quiz?


A faculty member reached out to me asking if there is a way to toss out questions on a Canvas quiz. The instructor wants to create a quiz worth a total of 110 points (55 questions worth 2 points each) but have the test end up being 100 points total (50 questions each worth two points). Essentially, she is looking for a way to toss out five questions from all students' quizzes they may have answered incorrectly, though these questions may be different for different students.

Thank you for your time.

Brent Bracamontes

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There is no automatic way to do this.

For classic quizzes, the point values are determined by the questions on the quiz. You could (don't) go through in the gradebook and subtract points from everyone having more than 100 points, but the problem is that the quiz would still be worth 110 points, so you would be giving people 100 out of 110. 

Do not go through and try curve the grades -- ever. Do not go through and delete questions from the exam to make it worth 100 points.


If you are using a weighted gradebook, the approach I recommend is this (the wording is yours):

  1. Create an assignment group called "Non-graded" that is worth 0% of the grade and move the original quiz to that assignment group.
  2. Create a placeholder assignment where the original quiz lived that is worth 100 points. Make it no submission or on paper so that students cannot submit anything there. If the original quiz was "Quiz 3" then I would use something like "Quiz 3 Corrected" or "Quiz 3 Adjusted."
  3. Transfer the grades from the original quiz to the placeholder assignment, capping it at 100 points. You can do this manually fairly quickly for smaller classes. For large lecture type classes, you would could leverage the grade export, let Excel do the calculations, and then use the grade import to bring in the correct scores.


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