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Is there an option to 'hide' page titles from students (not in Pages, etc, but only at the top of the page)?

I was wondering if an option exists to 'hide' the title of a page on the page itself.  The Page Title takes up real estate at the top of the page, and takes away from the page's aesthetics (see attached screenshot).  The page title would still visible in the breadcrumb menu at the top of the page.  just curious.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @matt_miller1 , greetings! There isn't a direct way to hide page titles on the front end of Canvas. This might be possible using some programming and custom global javascript, but that is well beyond my area of expertise. I did a quick search and did find the following feature idea in the Ideas‌ area of the Community -" modifiedtitle="true" title="Hide Page T.... There is some interesting conversation there on this topic, and you are also free to vote, comment yourself, and follow this idea. 

Hope this helps! Kona 

Community Member

CSS can do the trick.  If you have admin rights, you can go into the account where the course resides, go to themes, and add a custom css file to the theme.  Create a css file with the following: {

  display: none;


Then upload it and voila!  the page titles are gone.  I would try this in the test instance first.

If you don't have admin rights, then I have no clue...

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @matt_miller1 

Please keep in mind that Canvas page titles are, in fact, an accessibility tool - Heading Level 1 - and users using screen reader tech use it to identify the page they are on.


Absolutely - this is something I’d consider using sparingly (assuming a screen reader would also pick up an h2 header as well).  Perhaps restricted to the homepage, etc.

Great point on accessibility.  One way to alleviate that issue is to change the CSS from display: none to visibility: hidden

Surveyor II

Using CSS (as shown by Ethan) is a neat solution since there's no built-in function (e.g., a checkbox to hide/display page title) in canvas.

Aside from the fact that you need to upload a CSS stylesheet and that you should at least understand the basics of it, however, another problem I see is that it hides the title on all of your pages which sometimes isn't the case you wanted.

For instance, on my case, I'd like to hide the title on some selected pages only (those I used as landing pages) but not on the pages I used for academic purposes (e.g., lessons, materials, etc.)

It would be great if it will be added as a native feature. So let's vote the idea posted by  @kona ‌.