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Is there any possibility to integrate Jupyterhub with Canvas ?

Hi, I want to integrate Jupyterhub with canvas but i couldn't,  Is there any possibility to integrate ?

I don't want to use illumidesk rather jupyterhub is cool for me...


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Community Coach

Good morning, @manoj_kumar ...

Happy New Year!  Full disclosure...I have no idea what Jupyterhub is...nor do I know what it does.  That being said, there are two thoughts I have for you...

First, you may need to reach out to the folks who develop Jupyterhub to see if they have any kind of integration this would be a third-party integration with Canvas.

Second, I did a quick Google search to see if I could find anything for you.  I found the following link: GitHub - jupyterhub/ltiauthenticator: A JupyterHub authenticator for LTI.  I have absolutely no idea if this is at all what you are looking for, so you'd need to do additional research on your own to determine if this would meet your needs.

I hope this will be helpful for you in some way.  Take care!

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Thanks  @chofer 

JupyterHub is a cloud environment where multiple users can create their own Python notebooks , It is especially very useful for Data Science practitioners. You can read in detail Here .

I have already went through the link which you shared above but, it's not lauching the url correctly.