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Is there any way I can get a list of students who didn't submit an assignment?

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I have an assignment (not a quiz) that has not been graded yet (so exporting the gradebook doesn't help). I'd like to get a list of the names of the students who didn't submit the assignment. The SpeedGrader is of no use since, while I can see who didn't submit the assignment, I don't have any way to copy-paste the names into, say, a text document. Since my class is large, I have too many students to write/type them out by hand. Does Canvas provide me any way to do this?

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Use the message students who feature as‌ suggested, but once you have the list of students you want in the addressee list, highlight and copy the list to your clipboard. Paste the list into Word (or whatever). You might have to clean up formatting or some extra text, but you can do that pretty quick with "Find and Replace." It should be fairly painless. 

Will that work,‌?

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Hello Beck,

If your purpose is to contact all students who didn't submit, you can actually create a message in Canvas to those students automatically.  This details how to do it: 

There is an admin-level report called "Students with no submissions" that could isolate this info for you as well, assuming that you only have that one assignment in the date range.

I'm sure there's other ways that other people may be able to add, but those are the two off the top of my head.


I don't want to send a message to them - I want to generate lists of students who haven't submitted the last few assignments (none of which have been graded yet) so I can see who has not submitted multiple assignments. This will further allow me to calibrate a release condition I need to set on a module.

I have no idea who to contact to generate an admin-level report (or how many days that would take); I just know I don't have admin-level permissions. (Moreover, I don't understand why getting info like this should require admin-level permissions.)

Highlighted‌ select the assignment from either assignment page or quizzes page.  Then select moderate this  Quiz on the right hand side.    This will give information like attempt number, time, grade, etc.  Hope this helps



It's not a quiz - just an assignment, and there's no ability to moderate general assignments.


Try selecting the students name  under people and select analytics.    This may only work if you have the students mark done when they finish a assignment.  

I can see in the gradebook who submitted a file and who didn't; however, I can't sort based on that (before the assignment is graded) so I don't have an easy way to get a list of student names (out of 270) didn't submit the assignment (that I can copy-paste into another document). I can also see a listing of students who didn't submit the assignment if I go to the SpeedGrader, but again I can't copy-paste. I don't want to have to type all the names by hand.

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Beck - While I do not think there is a way for an instructor to find this natively within Canvas, I am fairly confident that‌ wonderful Canvancement called Obtaining and using Access Report data for an entire course  will do the trick for you.  It will take a few seconds to set up given that you must download a browser plugin, but it works wonderfully and will likely assist you in the future.  To directly answer your specific need, when you run the report that James' script generates, one of the columns is called Action on the resulting CSV file.  The key action that you are looking for in an assignment that required a submission is "Participate"  The page linked to above, in fact, has a section specifically called "Viewing Who Has Not Participated," and while many people will use that for Discussions, I believe something similar should work for submitted assignments, as well.  I ran a quick test on a sample class and, indeed, the people who did NOT submit are only flagged are "View" rather than "Participate." (Of course, that's assuming they at least viewed the assignment!)

I did not fully test this for your specific example, but assuming you are somewhat comfortable with Excel and Sorting/Slicing, I believe that this will work for you.

James writes many scripts like this specifically to address things that he wishes Canvas would do but does not--at least, not easily.  You can see a summary of all of his other Canvancements here:  Canvancements - Canvas Enhancements .

Also, in addition to the page above, you may be interested in a live demonstration that James and Kona Jones did recently during a CanvasLIVE session: Obtaining Access Report Data for an Entire Class .


Thanks,‌. When I have several hours to figure this out (and have the time to figure out if I have the correct permissions on my work computer to even do this), I'll take a look at it. At this point, it looks like it will be quicker for me to locate and type out by hand the names of the non-submitting students.

So, as far as I can tell, the answer to my question is: the Learning "Management" System Canvas has absolutely no way for me, the instructor of my class, to get a list of my students who did not submit an assignment that I can actually make use of elsewhere via computer (e.g., by copy-pasting).

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Unfortunately, it appears not directly--electronically, at least.  The closes thing that does WHAT you want it to is what‌ suggested in the gradebook, though as you said that will indeed send a message or you would have to copy/paste the names that Canvas displays for the assignment in question and just not send the message.  But so far as generating a quick listing of the names--especially in a large class--it will not do that directly.  No LMS, unfortunately, is going to quite do what everyone wants it to all the time in the manner that we want.  I have to live with such limitations myself.