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Is there any way to create a universal home page for the college?

We would like to set one screen as the log in for the college.  We see no way to do this.  Is there any other hacks that will do the same thing?



Union County College

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Community Team
Community Team​, I need to paraphrase what you're asking. In the title of the question, you reference a universal home page; however, the body of the question references setting a single screen as a log-in for the college, and these are two very different things.

So I'm making the assumption that you want every course to have the same, uneditable, course home page. If that's correct, one way to accomplish this is to build a custom home page outside of Canvas, host it on your school's server, and then populate every course home page with a embed of that home page. This will absolutely not prevent determined teachers from changing their home page (for example, from a custom designed page to the Syllabus page or Modules view), or from either deliberately or inadvertently deleting the embed from the custom page. The behind-the-scenes tinkering that your Canvas admins will have to perform behind the scenes to lock down those editing permissions--if it's indeed feasible at all--is something the specialists in the Instructional Designers​ and Canvas Admins​ groups are better equipped to address, so I'm going to share your question with those two areas. If you're not already a member of those groups, joining is just a few clicks away.

And sharing the discussion with those two groups will undoubtedly bring a host of ideas, so I'm going to change the nature of this post from a question, which implies that there is only one best "correct answer," to an open-ended discussion.

Thanks, Stefanie!