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Learner II

Issues with Insights

Since there are a few issues, I'm not sure what one idea would be except: Fix all the Insight Issues. 


- Insights are not always accurate. I’ve been told if students view from a web browser on a mobile device and not the Canvas Student app it doesn’t always record the view time.

- Students are not listed in any logical order (alphabetical or by total viewing time) so it becomes cumbersome for using with large classes. 
- Quick link to Insights does not exist in a course if comments are turned off. 
- There’s no usable report to download. 
- All students are listed even if you just assigned it to a group to view.

Our faculty have not been power users of Studio until this recent need to deliver course online that were in-person. We've found quite a few things (listed above) that make Studio unhelpful for the faculty using it beyond just a repository for their videos (or quizzing).  

NOTE: I have requested to be part of the Studio User Group, but no response yet, so I couldn't just post this there. 

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Any news on this? These seems to still be an issue with Studio. 

Surveyor II

I would like to add: It's really nice how easily accessible insights are when comments or quizzes are part of the video.  I'd love for that ease with every video.  Finding the video in Studio to get the insights is rather cumbersome, especially since the name of the video (that would be useful for searching Studio) is not apparent on the page itself.  This is especially an issue for users like me with lots of videos.