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Surveyor II

Issues with editing a formula question in Canvas - it won't let me take out a variable

I created a formula question with three variables.  It's in the question bank, and I have it in a quiz also.  I decided to change the question to have only two variables, and even though I delete the [a], it is not taking that variable away from the variable definition area, so will not allow me to update the question.  It has happened a few times before, and the only fix I could find was to recreate the question in a totally new question.  I tried updating in both the bank and in the question on the quiz with no luck.  Anyone have this happen, and if so, know the problem and a fix?

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Is this in the Classic Quiz tool (as opposed to the New Quiz tool)? If so I've observed that I can't add nor delete any variables in questions that I have duplicated from an original (via copying to another bank and copying back). I believe my workaround is similar to the one you stated: 1) create a new question and 2) copy/paste over the text plus rewrite the equations. I've yet to test the New Quiz tool formula questions.

Classic Quiz.  We haven't switched over to New Quiz, so I'm totally unfamiliar with it.


Got it. I should have made it clearer, but my response was targeted @ Classic Quizzes.

In short, I'm having the same issues but have also heard that Canvas is not putting additional efforts into Classic Quizzes as everything is pouring into New Quizzes.