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Items randomly disappear during copying/duplicating

I have a quiz (graded anonymous survey if that is important), which I am trying to duplicate 11 times. Strangely enough, there is no "duplicate item" function in canvas and I was following the suggestion from this forum. Basically, I copy this quiz from the same (current) course. Ok, the first time it worked fine and I have now 2 quizzes. I renamed one and tried this again, this time with two of them. Now, only one got copied.

Long story short, I was not able to go above eight quizzes (yes, I tried to rename them or not). Now if I copy one, two, or more quizzes, some (random) existing ones get deleted. This is really very frustrating because each quiz is a lot of work and all I need is to change the title of several duplicates.

I tried copying to another course and then back from there. Same story (both ways). I am really quite surprised that such a basic operation as duplicating the item takes so much effort and does not work in the end. So, I am quite certain that I am doing something wrong.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Good evening, @prl ...

Sorry to read of your frustrations with duplicating a quiz.  That certainly sounds frustrating.  I'm not too sure that I have an answer as to "why" this is it seems the steps you've been trying should be successful.  By chance, do you have access to Canvas Commons?  If so, another option for you to try would be to share the quiz to Canvas Commons.  Then, import the quiz from Commons back to the course (changing the name of the quiz each time).

Another option for you...have you tried using the "Duplicate" option for Quizzes?

I am not sure if this was the process you were already using, but if not, you could try the steps outlined in that Guide...selecting the same course that you were already logged into.

Give these things a try, and provide us with an update when you can...thanks!  Take care, stay safe, and be well.

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