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Kan jag länka ihop flera kurser som ska ha samma innehåll.

Jag undervisar nu i en kurs med 3 grupper och har skapat 3 kurser i Canvas. Eftersom innehållet i varje kurs skall vara likadant vore det fiffigt om det fanns en länk dem emellan, dvs så om jag lägger till en fil i kurs 1 så dyker den upp i kurs 2 och 3 också.

Translation (from Google Translate):

I now teach in a course with 3 groups and have created 3 courses in Canvas. Since the content of each course should be the same, it would be nice if there was a link between them, that is, if I add a file in course 1, it will appear in courses 2 and 3 as well.

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There is a function for this called blueprint. Please contact your administrator to make use of it: 

You may also use the copy content -feature in the settings menu: How do I copy content from another Canvas course using the Course Import tool? 

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You may also wish to consider cross-listing, which moves the enrollments in all sections into a single course shell (while still recognizing that the enrollments belong to separate sections). See How do I cross-list a section in a course as an instructor?.