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Keep Canvas from jumping to Module that I move a page to

I need to move a lot of pages from one module to other modules using the "Move To" feature. When I do this, Canvas jumps to the destination module. This is inconvenient because I need to move a lot of pages and I don't want to have to scroll back up to the source Module for each next page I am moving. Any way to make it stop jumping tot he destination Module?

Thanks in advance.

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Some more context:

I have imported "Deep Links" representing assignments for the semester after integrating Cengage WebAssign into Canvas. I need to move items like "1.1 Homework, 1.1-1 Quiz" etc into the 1.1 Module and so on. There are 107 of these. I don't want to keep scrolling back up to the Cengage Module, I want to just keep clicking and sending the items where they need to go. The interface is seriously slowing me down and I don't know a faster way to move all the items where they should be.

Hello @tbelcher ...

I can totally see where scrolling up and down constantly can get to be annoying and taking up time.  Have you considered temporarily moving the two modules closer to each other than further apart (which I'm assuming is what your current setup is)?  If you moved the modules closer together, then moved your items from module to module, you could then move the module back to where it was before.  How do I move or reorder a module?

I'm not sure if I completely interpreted your question correctly or not, so I apologize in advance if I did not understand your question and posted unhelpful info.  Hopefully, this will be of some help to you, though.  Take care, stay safe, and be well.