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Keeping Videos Private

Hello Community,

We are new to Canvas and have a significant amount of video for our courses that we hope to keep private. 

Other than private youtube channels, what other processes have organizations used to protect their content?

Thanks for any insights,


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Hi Joshua,

The information you have provided about the privacy settings in VIMEO is useful.

I have done the same settings. But, the video that I have embedded in my CANVAS course can still be downloaded.

If you right click on the video and select "This Frame" and then  "View Frame Source", you see the source code. There, if you take the url which has the token of the video, I can directly play the video in the browser and also save the video to my PC.

Do you know a way to avoid this?

Looking forward for a solution for keeping our videos very secure even when it is on vimeo.

Thanks and Regards,


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If you're trying to keep it from being publicly accessible and only accessible within a course in Canvas, you can upload the videos directly into a Canvas content page.  We do this with audio lectures of one of our courses for security purposes and have been unable to find a way to download the embedded media file using such things as show source, scripting, etc.  So only students enrolled in the course have access and nobody else.

I've read where Canvas limits the total storage of course files to 250(?) megabytes.  That is not a lot of video.  Is this storage a limitation of my free Canvas account?  Is is it possible to get more storage?

Community Coach
Community Coach

In general Canvas courses have a limit of 250 MB (this doesn't include student assignment submissions, which don't count towards this limit), but for Institutions who pay for Canvas there is the option for Canvas Admin's to go in and increase the course size limit. Free for teacher accounts do not have the option of increasing their course size. Yet, as a paying Institution I'll say that we don't up the limit for our courses, instead we ask that faculty upload their video to YouTube (and keep it private if desired) or add it to our video hosting service (Wistia) that we have on campus.

When uploading videos directly into Canvas seems to look a little ugly compared to the embedded options. 

243989_video upload.PNG

I also tried to use an iframe with a link to the file but this then allows students to skip through other videos and content that we would want to hold for further pages. 

This is the code used 

<p><iframe style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" src="" width="100%" height="550"></iframe></p>

243990_video upload2.PNG

Any ideas how I improve this without youtube?