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Surveyor II

Lab Practical with questions as stations allowing flagging and return to flagged stations

I usually have a on-site hands-on anatomy lab practical where students have to identify 2-3 anatomical structures at each station before moving on solving a total of 50 structures in the end. With the COVID-19 crisis, I need to do it online and thought of choosing to only show students one station/question at a time with pictures of the models so they can concentrate on it. However, can I limit the time for each question/station to 1.5 minutes and allow students to return to stations they were unsure and that they flagged for 10 more minutes?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Stay safe and keep others safe!

Sincerely, Tom

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Hello @twassmer !  I'm terribly sorry that it has taken someone so long to answer your question.  Were you able to find it?  There is no way to put a time limit on a question, only on a quiz.  Students can go back to the flagged questions, as long as the time limit that you set hasn't expired.