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Late submission penalty calculation


I am an instructor and I found that Canvas's calculation is different from my expectation for late submission penalty:

Scenario: For a 10-point assignment, there will be a 10% deduction for submission 1 day after the deadline. A student submitted the assignment 1 day after the deadline and got 80% of the answers correct, i.e. if the assignment is not late, the student should get 10 points x 80% = 8 points. 2 points will be deducted.

My expectation: because of the late penalty, the student gets 8 points x (1 - 10%) = 7.2 points for the late assignment.

What Canvas can do: lower the highest possible score to 10 points x (1 - 10%) = 9 points so the student gets 9 points - 2 points = 7 points.

Is it possible to make both calculations possible and let instructors choose which works the best for their course? Thank you!

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