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Learning Mastery Not Scoring for All Students

Nutshell: I have a quiz that is scoring on outcomes for some of my students, but not for all.  All of my students had the same questions.  All of the questions were tied to specific outcomes.  Some students see their outcome / mastery score, while others do not.
Details:  I have a quiz in my class called "Quiz 1.2-1.4". It assesses several outcomes including "Code Logic". Here is a screenshot of the learning mastery page for one student who took the quiz.



As you can see the student has not mastered the skill but the quiz has been graded and everything. However, this is the only student who this seems to be working for. Here is another student.



As you can see it says that "Quiz 1.2-1.4" has not been assessed (down near the bottom of the image). So I went to the gradebook to look at it.  The only student who doesn't have a grade is the one that didn't take the quiz. That is not the same one with the "not assessed" image.
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