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Letter Grade Not Exporting in Assignments

This is a slightly different issue from prior discussions I could find where people enter letter grades for assignments but cannot export those letter grades.

I use a proposed letter grade column (a zero weight 100 point assignment) to show students the expected final grade after some minor rounding. I cannot export these letters as I expected - it seems like only the final grade can be exported as a letter. My column shows as numbers. 

To be honest, this seems crazy. I have letters on the screen and need them in a file so I can get them into the university official grades. I set them to display as letters. Obviously I want them as letters. Or do the two column thing like is done for the final grade - percentages and then the letter.

Even though I am consistent in my rounding, I would prefer not to make explicit the rounding scheme I use - that just shifts the boundary for begging for a grade change from the official one to my gentler one.

This is all to support more automated entry of final grades in the university system.

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