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Link Validator discussion forums

Today, I got some weird results in the link validator (plus more):

Discussion Forums

  • %24CANVAS_OBJECT_REFERENCE%24/discussion_topics/ia3b654474a8a62aad0bb830b089ec71c
  • %24CANVAS_OBJECT_REFERENCE%24/discussion_topics/i91c48fc5880c1324efa25bfbc66564fb
  • %24CANVAS_OBJECT_REFERENCE%24/discussion_topics/if7cda229b337b058482f55449b811050
  • %24CANVAS_OBJECT_REFERENCE%24/discussion_topics/i3f7cb473aaa2fd6d57924b975ff106df
  • %24CANVAS_OBJECT_REFERENCE%24/discussion_topics/i2982f614cc4c168c7f02c9b8ccde8f4e
  • %24CANVAS_OBJECT_REFERENCE%24/discussion_topics/8
  • %24CANVAS_OBJECT_REFERENCE%24/discussion_topics/i02d1eb19de8913639484961ebba15f30
  • %24CANVAS_OBJECT_REFERENCE%24/discussion_topics/i398cfe724bafd7c9edbce47b38eda22f
  • %24CANVAS_OBJECT_REFERENCE%24/discussion_topics/i19761886057dad249bdcbc7a0aae8cc2
  • %24CANVAS_OBJECT_REFERENCE%24/discussion_topics/i418592d48a51d272d02b5e67a47eb648
  • %24CANVAS_OBJECT_REFERENCE%24/discussion_topics/14
  • %24CANVAS_OBJECT_REFERENCE%24/discussion_topics/16

Does anyone know what these are for? There are 8 discussions in the discussion board, none have been deleted recently. No posts (or just a few deleted ones for tests) as this is a master course for development only.



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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @annmarie_johnso ​,

First, I want to apologize for your questions sitting in the forum so long without a reply.  Second, did you happen to open a trouble ticket with support in this issue.  The link validator is a very new feature in Canvas and I not sure how many of the indicators have been documented.  Seeing how this question has been out here for a while, I am not sure anyone in the community has seen this before.  My recommendation would be to click on Help > Report a Problem.  Support will have more details on the error reporting.


Community Coach
Community Coach

 @annmarie_johnso ​,

Where you able to find an answer to your question?  It does not look like the users community has any experience with this application.  I am going to go ahead and mark this question as assumed answered.  This will not prevent anyone from replying or finding this question.