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Link to a Module within a Module?

Is there a way for me as the instructor of linking modules within one another without putting them as a pre-request or requirement? Or a way of linking assignments and/or resources so that I don't have to add to each day's module for my student users?

I am unable to find videos or resources.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @kendallynn -

I'm not sure if I quite understand the question. Are you trying to add a link to another module within your existing module? Are you trying to add material to more than one module?

How do you structure your modules? Are you working by unit/chapter, or by week?

Here's a lesson to kick-start the conversation, too: How do I add course content as module items? 


Hi @klundstrum 

Thanks for the quick response. Let me try to explain. My group is virtual right now, I've added new modules for each day with independent tasks to choose from during my office hours (see below), to help those who are overwhelmed by the weekly structure (as I usually give more than one option during this time).  I would like to add a module within a module to avoid adding certain tasks to each day's module. Hope this helps.

Screenshot 2020-12-11 161121.jpg

Community Coach
Community Coach

Ah! Thank you so much for the screenshot.

Unfortunately, there's not a way to do a Module within a module right now. There are a lot of Canvas users who have requested this -- Modules within Modules.

Have you explored Text Headers within Modules to separate items? How do I add a text header as a module item? 

I also love adding emojis (sparingly) to draw attention to key items. (If you are a PC user, the Windows Key + . is a lifesaver!)

Lastly, you could utilize Module Requirements to keep students on-track so they have to view the previous days' content before "today's". How do I add requirements to a module? 

If you'd like to collaborate further, let me know! I really enjoy finding creative solutions to solve Instructional Design questions. 🙂


@klundstrumthanks for the suggestions. The text headers work great for instructions. The module requirements also worked well, however I did notice that if you add an external  URL you can't add a requirement other than viewing the page. I would appreciate being able to collaborate further if you have suggestions.


From a design perspective, I would suggest you create a page for each day instead. On the page you can then link the activities and resources you want them to complete. 

@gnoack I appreciate the suggestion. Because I release different activities per period block, I'm not sure if a page per day will work, as I schedule the module/certain resources to release at the period's start time. I find the modules help to batch the external tools and add requirements when necessary.

Community Coach
Community Coach

@kendallynn - With the differentiated assignments "release", you're right. The Page option may be complicated as items are listed but not always available to ALL students.

What would you like to do with the URL inclusion? I'm curious to see how you'd like that interaction measured/documented.

Hi @klundstrum 

I would like to do two things with regards to URLs.

1. Add certain sites as an option in place of the worksheet or as an option for early finishers

2. Add a virtual field trip activity (just for fun, before the holiday break)

Community Coach
Community Coach

Ah! I see. 🌟

With those activities that need a little more granularity, you could always include those pieces in an assignment that doesn't require a submission or that doesn't count towards their grade. You can add those to Mastery Paths or assign them to specific sections of students. These enrichment opportunities could then be added to your module structure at the top of the week or within the progression of the day. ...and it'll all line up on their calendars, too!