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How can I create a link to the whole module in the form of an image through using google slides rather than directly as a text link in pages. I am using a google slide as my homepage and trying to make it more visual for students but only seem to be able to get a weblink for a resource rather than whole module. Thanks, 

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My suggestion would be to not put the link to the module in the google slide itself, but instead create an image/"button" on your home page right by the google slide. I also tried to put Canvas links into a google doc that I then embedded in my homepage at the beginning of the year, but having the path be out of Canvas, through an embed, through the Google doc/presentation and back to Canvas tended to create A LOT of issues. I switched to linking right in the homepage, and now I can link to anything in Canvas. 


If you choose to go this route, create the button image, and then you can just select it, click on the link icon in the toolbar, choose Course Links, and choose your module from there.


You can use html or bbcode to assign links to text. it is very useful.