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Linking to a previous quiz

I previously created a quiz for my course, but now I want to give the same quiz again. When I link to that previously created quiz and put in a new due date, it does not populate in the Canvas gradebook. How can I give a previously created quiz to students with a new due date and have the quiz be scored and entered into the gradebook?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @jhooper1 ...

If I understand your question correctly, you have a graded quiz in your course that students took a while back.  Hopefully, you would see a column in your "Grades" page for that quiz, correct?  You now want to give that quiz again...but this time with a new due date.  Are you grading the quiz twice in the same course (so there would be two separate scores in your "Grades" page)?  Or, should only the first or second attempt of the single quiz be kept?  Depending on your goals for this quiz, that will help us determine how best to further help answer this question...thanks!  Stay safe, and be well.


Thank you for the quick response! You are correct on all points...this is a graded quiz that I gave previously to the same students, and would like to repeat the quiz with a separate score for each quiz. Thanks for your help!

Hi again, @jhooper1 ...

Thanks for the reply from earlier today.  So it sounds like you will need to make a duplicate of that quiz in your course so that you can have two separate columns in your "Grades" page.  You should be able to duplicate your quiz by using the following Guide: How do I select specific content as part of a cour... - Canvas Community.  As you follow these directions, you'll be choosing the same course that your quiz is currently in...even if it gives you a warning message that you're copying content into the same course.  That should still be fine.  Hopefully you'll see both columns in your "Grades" for each quiz...and you could re-name one of them to distinguish one from the other.

I hope this helps a bit.